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Tim Thornton – The Feel Good Place


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At the age of 26, bass player and composer Tim Thornton has already established himself as a stalwart of the UK jazz scene. With a residency at Ronnie Scott’s Late Late Show as host with this quartet, a regular member of The Ronnie Scott’s All Stars and sideman to numerous national and international artists Tim’s “rich woody bass sound” (London Jazz) and “impeccable swing and timing” (Ian Mann) have earned him a formidable reputation.


The Feel Good Place marks Thornton’s debut on Jellymould and comprises six compositions by the leader and a cover of McCartney’s “Here, There and Everywhere”.


The foundations of this album are built on pure unadulterated swing. From the bluesy, smouldering slow tempo of the title track, to the up-tempo, toe-tapping, drum-propelled track “Dribbling”, Thornton makes no apology for writing swinging tunes. But this is not a band simply re-creating the feel of the 50’s and 60’s.


Thornton’s band kicks this genre firmly into the present with both sound and feel. The opening track, “Sweet Chin Music” and the third track “Newborn” have a serious mid-tempo groove, with the leader taking the melody line on the later and the two slow numbers, “Corona” and the aforementioned “Here There and Everywhere” are a beautiful contrast to the rest of the album.


Thornton has surrounded himself with musicians of a serious pedigree who each enjoy diverse musical careers. The wide variety of music that these musicians play only adds to the contemporary slant of this recording.


Thornton’s long-term musical associate, young drummer Chris Draper who in his relatively short career has already notched up big tours with Clare Teal and Kyle Eastwood also plays with Omar and Soweto Kinch.


Piano player Grant Windsor has roots in Hip-Hop and Broken Beat music as well as playing jazz for the likes of Gregory Porter and being Clare Teal’s MD.


Finally alto-sax player James Gardiner-Bateman is best known for his horn playing with Grammy-award winning Soul artist Joss Stone but as a jazz artist plays for The Guy Barker Orchestra and Keith Tippets Octet.