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Tommy Andrews – The Crux


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It is not often that such a young artist presents an album that sounds so accomplished and mature, but Tommy Andrews is a saxophone player with a wise head on young shoulders. Jellymould Jazz is very proud to release the debut album from this award winning saxophonist and composer.


The Crux is a collection of seven through-composed original works blending the cinematic power of progressive rock and film-music with the dynamic subtleties of classical music, British Jazz and minimalism whilst allowing members of the band passages for improvisation. The maturity in Tommy’s writing can partly be heard in the way in which he generously allows each member of this ensemble to explore his compositions.


It is this selflessness to his approach to making music that has led his quintet to gain a reputation as one of the most exciting groups on the London jazz scene. Bass player Dave Manington is a mainstay of the British jazz scene having been a founding member of Loop Collective and has played with most of the top jazz musicians in the country. His presence in the group is a testimony to the respect that Tommy has earned so quickly. Drummer Dave Hamblett released his own album last year to much critical acclaim and is now one of the busiest players in the country.


Completing the line-up are guitarist Nick Costley-White and pianist Rick Simpson are both contemporaries of Tommy’s from The Guildhall School of Music and demonstrate the wealth of young talent on the scene today.


Reviews / Quotes

  • “a smart, sophisticated debut from a UK newcomer with prospects.”(John Fordham, The Guardian)
  • “The Crux is a well-crafted album, with both writing and playing showing a mature combination of technical skill and a willingness to entertain.” (Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz)
  • “Cerebral jazz that keeps you listening to reach the heart of the matter”(Marlbank)
  • “The Crux is a skilled and mature offering from the Tommy Andrews Quintet – subtly rock-infused contemporary jazz, with the promise of still greater heights to be scaled.”(Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews)
  • “standard modern fare and a blend of modern jazz and indie rock that’s awash in melodic impressionism and thick harmonic constructs.”(Wandering Sound)
  • “A thoroughly absorbing and pleasurable listen – a fine album indeed.”(Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast)