Paragon – Cerca

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Peter Ehwald – saxophone, Arthur Lea – Fender Rhodes, Matthias Akeo Nowak – bass and Jon Scott – drums

The Anglo-German collaboration Paragon have developed keen ears for each other over their 10 years together.  On this their third album – their first with Jellymould – the conversation and melody is carried from one to another.  Time keeping is shared and their consummate ease rewards our keen ears with elegant detail and a momentum carried over the 10 tracks. Cerca is a polished take on a range of influences, which brings all the members’ playing history together, from Brooklyn ballads to Venezuelan merengue to Bollywood bhangra. It’s the sound of a journey taking place. Leaders Peter Ehwald and Arthur Lea composed independently and, in a break of the touring schedule, all converged in a Cologne studio for 2 days to lay down the album. A decade on the road with annual tours, Paragon were early recognised by audiences – who awarded them the Prix de Publique at Avignon Jazz Festival in 2006, and critics who short-listed them for the 2012 Neuer Deutsche Jazzpreis.

Reviews / Quotes

“Ever impressive is the sovereignty of the band sound.  The choice of tone colour is intuitive and sensible all the time.”  (Jazz Thing)

“Always discovering new musical spaces which contain exciting, fascinating ambiences that have seldom been heard before.” (Klaus Hübner, Sonic)

“Cerca comes from a band who are, indeed, a paragon of contemporary jazz excellence – one foot in the tradition, the other pushing forward with the combined fervour and eclecticism of their experiences. This is very much a repeat-player, and I suspect they are thrilling to catch ‘live’.” (Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews) Read The Full Review

“The thing that really gets me smiling – and dancing – is that no matter how tricky the material might be in terms of harmony or meter, the groove is always really strong. A very satisfying listen indeed.” (Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast) Read The Full Review